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The Purple Store
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Tuesday, March 20th, 2007
10:37 am
Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
1:22 pm
Purple Carnations orders placed today can still arrive in time for Valentine's Day
All carnation orders placed by January 31st can be delivered by Valentine's Day. Today's your last day to place the order!

Purple Moonshade CarnationsMixed Purple CarnationsPurple Moonlite CarnationsPurple Moonvista Carnations
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
2:52 pm
Purple Material for Costumers, Seamstresses and Tailors

Finally updated the page with some leads on purple materials for sewing, as we don't currently carry any material by the yard.


More, please...
Wednesday, December 6th, 2006
7:28 pm
(Purple!) Power to the People Update
Just finished up the paperwork - from November 3rd to December 5th, The Purple Store's customers raised $17.28 for adult literacy programs via the (Purple!) Power to the People program.


I am very happy to report that we have now officially raised over $100 for adult literacy programs in the last year! $115.11

Purple people make a difference! :)

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, November 21st, 2006
12:29 pm
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
6:44 pm
Start Wearing Purple!

Despite the catchy chorus, the inspiration for this song was anti- rather than pro-purple (boo!), so we're still on the look out for great purple-themed songs to share. Each year, Hastings Elementary School, who began and celebrates Purple Day asks us for some kid-friendly purple songs for the choir to sing, and one of these years, we'll have a great one to share. Know any?
5:21 pm
Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
9:12 am
Sunday, September 17th, 2006
1:09 pm
For the love of Lavender...

We've been meaning to put together pages on some of the best purple flowers for awhile now, and finally sat down and put together this page today. It includes information about the flowers, how to make lavender ice cream, what brands make lavender tea, lavender chocolate, etc.

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006
10:59 am
Pretty Purple...
Every once in awhile, we have a week where we get in just a spectacular number of beautiful purple items. This is so one of those weeks:


New products include:

REAL Purple Carnations - a gorgeous new hybrid of true-purple carnations

We've been working for months to get these beauties in stock

Hand-Painted Plum Leaf Bowl Set 4/Pkg $19.99

Hand-blown Square Plum Vase $19.99

And for those with disposable income, this bit of purple divinity:

The Edie Roberts Chrysanthemum Bedding Collection

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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
10:06 am
User Friendly Link of the Day
Wow! One of our customers (thank you!) recommended The Purple Store and we're User Friendly's Link of the Day!

Current Mood: exceedingly proud
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006
12:42 pm
Flying Southwest?
A few months ago, L.A. Times' Booth Moore contacted us about a few of the products at The Purple Store. He was writing an article on purple fashion accessories for Spirit Magazine, Southwest Airlines' in-flight magazine. The article should be in the January 2006 issue. If you fly Southwest in January, check and see if you can find us. The Purple Store should be mentioned along with a lovely pair of men's lavender two-tone dress shoes.

Happy New Year!

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, December 15th, 2005
11:22 am
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
11:50 am
...even before the Halloween candy is consumed!
If you celebrate Christmas, decorate with Purple!

Our latest edition to the who-needs-red-and-green-when-there's-purple collection are 2 new purple fleece Christmas stockings, with the help of Santa's Purple Elves, spaceling and jonwa.

Purple and White Fleece Christmas Stocking $12.12 Purple Jungle-Print Christmas Stocking $15

We know, it's not even Thanksgiving yet! Online shipping takes a bit longer and this is already our second inventory of stockings, they sell fast, so forgive us for the early mention?

Current Mood: po-po-porphyrous
Friday, October 28th, 2005
4:46 pm
(Purple!) Power to the People - Phase I
Attention: Community, Business, Human Interest, Adult Literacy Week

The Purple Store Announces its “(Purple!) Power to The People” program
to support adult literacy and raise public awareness
at the beginning of Washington’s Adult Literacy Week

28 October – Seattle, WA – As Governor Gregoire declares the week of October 31st Adult Literacy Week, The Purple Store, a Seattle-based online store stocking all purple all the time, announces its new program “(Purple!) Power to the People” to fundraise for adult literacy. Starting October 31st, 100% net proceeds for all purple book purchases at The Purple Store will be donated to non-profit adult literacy programs.

When asked, “Why adult literacy?”, The Purple Store’s Chief Geek, Kim Raymoure, launches into a passionate explanation, “I’ve always believed in the ‘Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life’ approach to helping those in need. If an adult can’t read, they also can’t fill out even the simplest job applications, can’t read forms at hospitals – they must rely on others for all of their information.”

Adam Sheridan, The Purple Store’s creator, continues, “Adult literacy is a cause everyone can get behind. It gives people one of the most important tools to help themselves, and we’re really proud to support it.”

“(Purple!) Power to the People” will be donating proceeds to Literacy Source of Seattle, and is evaluating a second adult literacy program on the east coast to share proceeds. Business partners, such as Grandma Purple, will be matching donations for specific book purchases to help increase the money raised for adult literacy.

The “(Purple!) Power to the People” program aims, above all, to increase public awareness about the needs of adults with limited or no literacy skills. Adult literacy programs work hard to improve reading and writing skills in our country and they need your help.

Literacy Source is a Seattle-based adult literacy program dedicated to providing one-on-one English reading, writing and speaking tutors, resources and classes to adults (Adult Basic Education, ABE), English as a Second Language (ESL) students, incarcerated adults and refugees. Nearly 40 students at Literacy Source alone are waiting to be matched with a tutor. Volunteer tutors are always needed! Literacy Source accepts donations and seeks new tutors. A one-year commitment of three hours per week is required of each volunteer tutor.

To buy a purple book and donate to Adult Literacy today, visit http://www.thepurplestore.com and go to Purple Books, http://www.thepurplestore.com/purplebooks.shtml.

To find an adult literacy program in any area, visit http://www.literacydirectory.org

Current Mood: ecstatic
Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
3:08 pm
Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
7:31 am
Purple-Themed Books
The Color Purple by Alice Walker
Warning: When I am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple by Jenny Joseph
Mr. Pine's Purple House by Leonard Kessler
Harold & the Purple Crayon (50th Anniv Edition) by Crockett Johnson
Big Purple Undies by Suzanne & Louise Kelman

What else?

-kim & The Purple Store.
Find anything in Purple.

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Thursday, August 4th, 2005
9:59 am
Furman Paladins
Furman University in Greenville, SC is also a purple college!


Current Mood: poryphyrous
Sunday, July 31st, 2005
5:17 pm
Bombay's Purple Lotus Collection
Purple Velvet Duvet CoverPurple Chinese Happiness Mirror $59This is so my favorite new line at Bombay. Originally intended for teenagers, I find Bombay to be very short-sighted. I'm by no means recently in my teens, and I need the mirror at the very least.

Bombay's Purple Lotus Bedding and Bedroom Accessories Collection

Much purple love,

Current Mood: porphyrous
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
12:48 pm
International Shipping
There are now 2 ways to see if Purple Store products ship internationally. The first is to check the "Shipping" section on each product detail page.

The second and newest feature is to use the search engine:

For purple that ships to the UK, just add "uk" to your search, i.e. "shoes uk" (without the quotes) will return all purple shoes that ship to the UK.

Add "canada" to your search.

Add "australia" to your search.

Add "iceland" to your search.

Add "nz" to your search for New Zealand.

Asia DestinationsCollapse )
Europe DestinationsCollapse )
US DestinationsCollapse )

South American DestinationsCollapse )

Coming Soon (will update here as each destination is completed):
US: American Samoa, Guam, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands (no, not international, but sometimes these destinations have shipping restrictions so this'll be handy for islanders and Alaskans)

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